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Pomme de Terre Chapter
Of Muskies, Inc.
An Organization Dedicated To
Missouri Lakes With Muskies
        Lake Pomme de Terre, Fellows Lake, Henry Sever, Hazel Creek and Bush CA #35


We will be putting new and different information about Research on this page periodically.

The Pomme de Terre Chapter of Muskies Inc. supports conservation practices, especially catch and release, and research based on sound scientific merit, and carried out by authorized federal or state agencies, appropriate academic institutions. We are committed to the abatement of water pollution, maintenance of records for muskies habitat, growth and range and the dissemination of Muskie information.

Our Chapter works closely with the Missouri Department of Conservation in improving and maintaining the five Muskie Lakes in Missouri. Chapter fundraisers go directly to these projects and we help other chapters through donations when necessary to maintain their muskie fisheries.

Examples of our ongoing and past projects are;

 Chapter members participate in Missouri's Show Me Project. The Show Me Muskie Project is a statewide volunteer muskie angler catch reporting system that was initiated by the Missouri Department of Conservation in 1996. The purpose of the project is to gather catch data useful to fisheries management biologists and to help evaluate the departmentís muskie plan. The plan provides a framework for developing and maintaining high quality muskie fishery for anglers in Missouri.



Vegetation Restoration in Pomme de Terre Lake

By Wayne Humphrey


Thanks to a grant to the Pomme de Terre Chapter of Muskies Inc from Gander Mountain and Muskies, Incís international organization, there will be a major attempt to restore vegetation in Pomme de Terre Lake in the summer of 2004.  Vegetation used to be abundant in Pomme but disappeared from the lake in the 1980ís due to unknown causes.

Pomme de Terre Lake sets in the southwest part of Missouri, about 3 Ĺ hours from St Louis and 2 hours from Kansas City.  Pomme is a flood control reservoir managed by the US Army Corps of Engineers.  Completed in 1961, the lake has 113 miles of shoreline and covers about 7,820 acres at normal pool.  At the top of the flood control pool (35 feet above normal) the lake will cover about 16,100 acres.   

In 1966, the Missouri Department of Conservation started a muskie stocking program in the lake with the dual purposes of controlling some of the forage fish in the lake and to provide trophy fishing opportunities in the state.  That program has continued and today the lake boasts a large population of muskie that grow up to 50 inches long. 

For about the first 20 years of its life there was ample vegetation in the lake that provided plenty of cover for the muskie population.  In the late 1970ís and early 80ís, changes occurred in the lake and the vegetation started to die off and had pretty much disappeared by the mid 80ís.  While muskie had to change their location in the lake, there has been plenty of cover in the lake due to the standing timber and brush piles that have been put in the lake every spring by the Pomme chapter working in conjunction with the Corps of Engineers and the Missouri Department of Conservation.   

Working with the chapter on this project will be Dale Cornelius, Fisheries Management Biologist for the Missouri Department of Conservation.  Dale has identified a species of smart weed that is doing well in Stockton Lake, a similar flood control reservoir located about an hourís drive from Pomme.  This species seems to be able to handle the water fluxuations and temperature extremes that are seen in Missouri lakes. 

In late June or early July of 2004, Dale will harvest some of these plants and place them into biodegradable pots for transfer and planting into Pomme.  The chapter will provide plastic coated fencing and fence posts to put around the plants.  The fencing will keep larger fish and fishermen out of the weeds, giving them a chance to set roots and become firmly established.  These fences will be left in place for at least a year to protect the plants.  At the end of that time it is hoped that more vegetation can be planted and the fences moved and used again to protect the new plantings.  Our goal is to continue this process for several years, re-establishing the vegetation that was once common in the lake. 

In addition to money, the chapter will also supply the labor to plant the vegetation, put the fences into place around the plantings and maintain them through the year.   

Muskie fishermen will not be the only ones that will benefit from the re-establishment of the vegetation, as it will provide cover for fish of all types.  It should only help the bass and crappie populations that are already abundant in the lake and the blue herons that are common around the lake should find easy pickings in the cover. 

The grant provides $500 as a match to the funds that the chapter provides for this project.  If you would like to contribute to this project, your donation will be greatly appreciated and ear marked specifically for this cause.  Mail your contribution to Pomme de Terre Chapter of Muskies Inc, PO Box 5, Hermitage, MO 65668, or for more information, contact Carl Marks at 417-745-2381.
Brush Piles
For more than 20 years the members of Chapter installed brush piles in Pomme de Terre in cooperation with the Missouri Department of Conservation and the Corps of Engineers. As the lake ages, the natural habitat degrades and new habitat needs to be provided for small fish and fry.  The location of these brush piles can be found at https://huntfish.mdc.mo.gov/sites/default/files/downloads/page/PDT_Lake_FA_Maps.pdf